Joyful Sleepers

About Us

W E L C O M E   T O
Joyful Sleepers 

Joyful Sleepers strives after spreading joy to those who are homeless. Through donating items, advocating, and showing compassion, Joyful Sleepers desires to help those in need. 

Since the start in 2017, it has been a dream of Joyful Sleepers to be a light to local communities on the importance of caring for those without homes. Joyful Sleepers works to implement awareness through donation drives as well as making an impact in as many lives as possible. 

Our Impact

The journey of Joyful Sleepers began through the power of mentorship on a missions trip. Since then I have made it my goal to be a mentor for younger generations in the importance of giving back to you community! With a desire to also encourage more adults to become mentors and teach children how to be helpers of society though donating.  

Awards and Recognition

Joyful Sleepers, founder; Gabriela Peña has been honored to receive two awards based on the accomplishments of Joyful Sleepers,  The Daily Point of Light Award 2019 & The North Carolina Governor's Volunteer Service Award 2021. 

Their Joy Is Our Passion

If you're interested in starting your own donation drive at your school or church reach out to us to get involved!